Week 5 Target Handicap


A Review of Peter’s Exercises.

I am sure none of you are over-indulging while under siege at home from “The Beast from the East”. Not a loaf of bread to be got anywhere so I’m sure your safe enough. If you’ve got tired watching re-runs of Fair City and Coronation Street, why not work on you golf fitness.

Below is a link to all six of Peter O’Keefe’s golf fitness videos posted here over the Target Handicap series. Thanks a million Pete. I look forward to knocking it 25 yards outside you this year.


Next Week 

Dr. Daniel Jones, Director of Reseach and Development at Revive Active will be advising us on our Nutritional requirements. The old analogy of putting the correct fuel in the Formula One car seems apt, now Pete has us all buffed up.

Try to lay off the beer, wine, and sweets while your hunkered down.

Until next week!



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