Walking a tightrope, sour grapes, dirty linen and the rest!

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Joe’s Blog Returns with a stench of sour grapes!

Firstly, welcome to all our recent sign ups. I look forward to entertaining, depressing, enlightening and informing you of all things golf over the coming year. Apologies to my loyal readers whom I deserted earlier this year when Joe’s blog went south. The Number 1 New Year’s Resolution is to write a minimum of one blog a week here on Irish Golf Noticeboard. To announce my return I have decided to air some dirty linen in public!

What is no doubt a distinct case of sour grapes, with a tinge of bragging thrown in for good measure, let’s proceed air this linen. My question is

When is a gross prize not a gross prize?

A wise man once told me that compliments go a long way in the art of negotiation. On the flip side, bringing this into the public domain maybe frowned upon by some, but in all honesty this is a little tongue in cheek. With this in mind I must wish our Club Captain and his committee a very successful 2017. In all seriousness, these are voluntary positions taken up by our club’s loyal servants, as is the case in clubs across the county. They have also inherited the rules of some previous committees.

Stop beating around the bush I hear you say and spit it out!

Ok. Our club in their wisdom handicaps the winners of gross prizes by two shots in our winter competitions. This means if you win the gross prize one week the following week you must beat your fellow rivals by a minimum of two shots in order to win the Gross prize. There is a laudable rationale to this, in that it is an effort to spread around the prizes. To be fair, the committee does not have to offer any gross prize if it so chooses, so maybe we should be grateful there is anything up for grabs at all.  Another plus for our mens club is that the gross prize is by and large worth winning.

Yours truly is a bad loser and such there is a stench of sour grapes from this week’s post. Having fallen foul to this rule, this injustice of it prompted an inquiry to our men’s club. They took the only course of action open to them and informed me that the rules have been posted in the locker room and they have applied them accordingly. Indeed they have agreed to discuss the matter further. Nothing more could be asked of these loyal servants to the club. Maybe yours truly should leave the matter at that, however with writers block on week one of the return of Joe’s blog and an inability to zip it, I am asking my fellow golfers of Ireland, when is a gross prize not a gross prize? For me the person who takes the lowest amount of shots in the course of the competition should always be rewarded. This is in essence what a gross prize is and handicapping it goes against the whole concept of gross prizes. Down with this type of thing! I suspect there is an epidemic of sorts going on all round the country where clubs are giving out handicapped gross prizes in the interest of fairness.

So I am posing the question: Should Gross Prizes over the winter period be handicapped?

Feel free to answer below in the comments bar or in our Facebook Group.

PS. Please say a prayer for me so I don’t get shot for airing our dirty linen in public.






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