Perfection Pillow Review


ReflexPillow provide the perfect pillow

What the company says:

With a growing number of people suffering from sleep deprivation, leading sleep-health company reflexpillow has launched ‘Perfection’ Reflex Pillow was launched in 2016  on Kickstarter and was one of Ireland’s most successful campaigns. 15 months later, we bring you PERFECTION

According to research conducted by The National Sleep Foundation, 91% of respondents rated high-quality pillows as essential in getting a good night’s sleep.

Inappropriate pillows do not support the anatomy of the human body so it’s not surprising that sleep science has turned to pillows as a major focus,” says Noel O’Connor, who founded reflexpillow during an impressive thirty-year career as a specialist in the treatment of neck and back pain. “While your mattress may support your lower spine, the soft tissue of your upper spine and neck requires even more support. ”

Having treated more than 30,000 patients and without success in finding an effective pillow on the market, Noel then spent fifteen years conducting countless pressure sensitivity tests on feather, memory foam, and polyester-stuffed pillows before creating the ‘magic’ formulated blend of materials for the optimal pillow which would come to be known as ‘Reflex Foam’

So how will Perfection change the way we sleep?     

Perfection is made with an enhanced formulation which allows for better support of the neck muscles and improved cushioning for the head. The pillow is a patented and certified medical device that is designed to naturally eliminate the key causes of sleep deprivation: neck & back pain, tossing and turning, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea and teeth grinding. 

With a head dip that is designed to keep the spine aligned and a dedicated shoulder slot, Perfection ensures the optimal positioning for your head, neck, and shoulders. By supporting the upper body, neck and shoulder muscles are spared any stress and strain as you sleep which improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight to help prevent stiffness. The stability of the head dip, ensures that you’re less likely to toss and turn during the night, whether lying on your back or sides.

“We’re hugely excited about the difference that the launch of Perfection will make to our customers’ wellbeing”, says Noel, “We’re passionate about creating the world’s greatest sleep products”.

What Joe says!

Having been asked by ReflexPillow to share content to our Facebook group earlier this year, prior to IGN becoming a subscription service, I asked the company representative, “Where is the relevance to golf”. To be fair to Emma, the lady I was speaking to, she pointed me in the direction of John McEnry’s endorsement who correctly pointed out the importance of maintaining a good posture in the golf swing. As a fanatical golfer, I should have immediately realized the importance of a good nights sleep in reducing neck and back pain, while also improving alertness to maintain concentration levels. On this basis, we made an agreement that I would try out the pillow for myself.

I must admit I was a little skeptical. I do suffer from neck and back pain on and off and fully expected this to have very little effect. I was however proved wrong and while my chronic early morning back pain has not been fully eradicated, I certainly have far fewer instances than in the past. The biggest compliment I could pay reflexpillow is that the pillow is still being used and indeed is the first thing in the car when traveling away to compete in different events. I cannot say it improves my golf but it certainly improves my night’s sleep.

I must admit I would have taken convincing to spending the RRP of €80 on the product, however, if I had known that my quality of sleep would improve so significantly, I would not have hesitated.

How do you rate the quality of the pillow you sleep on?

Shouldn’t you give a lot more thought to where you lay your head for 8 hours every single night?

Perfection Pillow can be bought on Kickstarter until June 15th for €65



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