Noticeboard Sweepstakes Week 26


Noticeboard Sweepstakes in association with Druids Golf

Druids Golf has kindly agreed to Sponsor our entire series. A new Irish Golf Brand, based in Kilkenny, Druids is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of branded & licensed golf products. Druids thrive on innovation, dedication and superior customer care which is vital for professional working relationships. They deal directly with golf pro shops, corporate events & sports clubs. The goal remains the same, providing great quality brands at the very best prices. A passion for quality and belief in offering the best products make Druids your perfect trading partner. Druids Glen Hotel and Golf Resort and Golf Concepts Ireland are this weeks generous sponsors

Marcus Doyle and his team at Druids Heath kindly offered this fourball as a prize for our weekly sweepstakes. In the words of Pat Ruddy “Druids Heath affords the player the opportunity to stride-out in a place which is invigorating to both body and soul with the ever-present sea breezes adding greatly to a sporting challenge, which is quite difficult to concentrate on as the eye wanders eagerly fifty miles out to sea, twenty miles southwards over an unspoiled, rolling pastoral scene to Wicklow Head and inland to the Wicklow Mountains.  Dull would he be of soul who would allow a few stray shots spoil a day in such a blessed spot”

Golf ConceptsLike Marcus at Druid Glen, Dalvyn Germeney, and Golf Concepts have been superb supporters. Dalvyn has sponsored a lithium lite battery for all four majors in our sweepstakes series. He supplies batteries, electric trollies and is the go-to guy in Ireland for any of your trolley parts. Thank you Dalvyn for your more than generous sponsorship


I’m sure we will all have our favourites this week. Ben Coley from the Sporting life offers some advice here

A word to the wise – please check the runner and riders by clicking here

Only two players from this week’s world top 10 allowed in any team. Check out this week’s World Top 10 here

Simply sign up or connect to this site using a connect button that suits you (on some mobile devices you may need to scroll down below the comment box to connect)  and type the names of the four players in the comment box below here on this webpage. Once again I am asking people to enter a guestimate for your team score which will be used in the event of a tie-break. It is up to members to “sign their own card” by reporting their team’s score on this thread before 1pm Monday, August 13. Entries close at 1pm Thursday, August 9.

Best of luck everyone!


  1. I can announce that Andy Needham has won a fourball kindly donated by Druids Heath and Andy Dunne has won the lithium battery kindly sponsored by Golf Concepts. Just to clarify, Andy made his entry on our Facebook post last week when he couldn’t access the website. I approved his entry at the time. I’ll be in touch with winners and sponsors over the coming days to make an introduction. Thanks also to our series sponsors Druids Golf.

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