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My Dear Old Friend, Mr Terry Sloane, former General Manager of Dundalk Golf Club asked me to alert clubs to a proposal for a Nationwide tour.

It is generally accepted that the loneliest place in the world can be a Golf Club on a winter evening. Let’s be honest most members are fair weather golfers and even the dedicated die-hards head straight for the car park from the eighteenth green. It is a perennial headache for committees and social convenors to attract members into the clubhouse during the off season, leading to a sharp drop off in bar revenue and often a disgruntled caterer. Terry relays the following……

“I have found that members are often delighted to get out of the house during the dark evenings and will gladly attend a worthwhile function at the golf club, provided it is properly organised and features top class entertainment. Over the years I have staged shows in golf clubs featuring among others, Niall Toibin, Dickie Rock, Joe Cuddy, Ray Lynam, Kieran Goss, Charlie McGettigan and a host of others. I am now thrilled to be associated with the world class duo of Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig.

Brian, born in County Antrim grew up in London from the age of eight and Cathryn was born in Richmond, Virginia USA.

Brian first came to prominence when his band the Strawbs reached number two in the British charts with their iconic hit “Part of the Union”, and he has since worked for many years with such household names as Mary Hopkin, Joe Brown and Roger Whittaker, Jim Diamond and the Monty Python team.

Quite simply he is the best guitarist I have ever heard.

Cathryn and Brian

Cathryn Craig has all the gifts. Possessing an incredibly powerful voice, which in most venues requires no amplification, her captivating personality endears her to every audience as she shares her incredible fund of stories from a lifetime in the music business. Cathryn has worked with many of the world’s great artists including Chet Atkins, Shel Silverstein, The Righteous Brothers and Nanci Griffith. Brian and Cathryn have recently fulfilled a long held ambition to return and live in Ireland and I am delighted that they have agreed to perform some concerts in the intimate surroundings of some of our golf clubs.Having watched them perform on many occasions I can assure you that they would be a wonderful addition to your social calendar and would work very well in conjunction with your caterer providing a pre show meal, while your bar can remain open, but quietly during the show.”

This is a link to Cathryn and Brians single “I will”.

I will be pleased to discuss your requirements on 087 2234093 or at my email

Terry Sloane       

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